The Website Installer situated in our Site Control Panel provides you with an easy and fast method to set up a completely new web site with a custom web design in less than five minutes. It merely requires only 4 simple steps for your web site to be on the Internet. You can choose between more than 200 readily available website templates and as soon as everything is set, you are able to handle your web site with a click of the mouse. We’re going to provide you with sign–in credentials for the admin area and you should be able to commence putting in brand new pages right away. If, at any time, you need assistance –’s tech team members will be readily available 7 days a week, able to aid you.

The Website Installer can be acquired each cloud plans, VPS servers, Linux semi-dedicated servers, and Linux dedicated web hosting plans bundle coming with the Site Control Panel.

An Instantaneous Website Installation Tool

Publish your new site with merely a click

If you’re not proficient in website coding, it could be really difficult if you want to manage a website configuration alone – if you do not employ user–friendly website production tools just like our instantaneous Website Installer that’s incorporated into the Site Control Panel. To work with the tool, you only need to choose a style and design template for your site and after that install it with a click. You don’t have to have any kind of html coding expertise to jumpstart your website. You can include fresh webpages and upload text and photos on them really conveniently. If you don’t like the alteration you have made it’s possible to undo it and repeat the process. It is all very simple to deal with.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

200+ Site Templates to select from

Pick the right design and style for your website

With the Site Control Panel, you can find a variety of custom–made web templates for your own personal as well as business website. Whether you choose to start your own personal blog, community site or possibly a business account, we have a ready to use layout option for you that you could more modify up to your requirements.

Each of our designers are implementing fresh templates, so we are going to be upgrading our assortment often.

200+ Free Templates

Around–the–clock Technical Assistance Service

Get in touch with us for guidance at any time

Our support team boasts a substantial knowledge of hosting and is all set to assist you with any type of difficulties you could have handling your sites. Moreover, you will find there’s a detailed Regularly Asked Questions collection together with a number of step–by–step instructional videos that address the most typical topics and difficulties. You will find a 1–hour reaction time period warranty, nonetheless, in many instances’s customer support team members are able to reply back inside thirty minutes.

24/7 Support